Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Alluring Dazzler

That's right, folks! The newest trailer for Disney Animation's upcoming film, Frozen. What did I think of it? Lets find out... 

For starters, the animation looks wonderful. The kingdom of Ardenelle and the other different sets look extremely lush and fluid in their overall detail and presentation. A couple bits here and there look very photorealistic. I remember being extremely critical on the initial character designs when they were first unveiled months ago. Now that I've seem them in motion and looked at them more closely, they aren't bad. Looks like we got another visual marvel on our hands from the Mouse House! 

I have to give Disney marketing props for staying out of spoiler territory. The trailers and television spots for the recent Pixar films (namely Brave and Monsters University) went too deep with that and tended to spoil a few things. This trailer and the recent ones for Disney films avoided this trend and gives you focus on the story without giving away too much about the plot. I actually read a few spoilers for the movie from some of the storybooks. And aside from a couple minor little plot details, nothing major is revealed here. 

But like most trailers, you have your fair share of stinker bits... 

Too much focus on the comedy is presented here. I do, however, see where they are going with this though (more on it later). Olaf is shoved down our throats with different jokes in the trailer's second half. The character could very well be funny comic relief character, but I'm just not buying into him yet. It also doesn't help that the awkward editing made some of those jokes fall flat. 

A minor complaint here, but some of the dialogue felt a bit too "meh", for my tastes. It might be the way the dialogue doesn't really fit with the mouth movements (which I mentioned with the editing), but it's possible that those scenes are presented out of complex. Again, nothing major to point fingers at. 

You can pretty much get from the marketing that the marketing wants this to be another Tangled-sized success at the box-office. Like Tangled, they might be underplaying some elements (i.e. the female-centric plot and the musical numbers) to garner interest in young boys. This does, however, has a better chance to clear $200 million domestically given the lack of direct competition holiday season. I seriously doubt Free Birds will be a viable threat to this. The film opens a few days after the highly-anticipated Hunger Games sequel, which might take away some of its teenage audience and even adults. Though I don't really see that film hurting Frozen too much. 

All in all, I'd say this is a pretty satisfying trailer. It gives you a good glimpse at the story, and it's a visual darling to look at from start to finish. Bring it on! 

What are your thoughts on this trailer? Let me know your opinions down below in the comments section! 

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