Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Return To Sea?

It's official, folks. Disney and Pixar have announced yesterday that a sequel to their 2003 smash-hit Findng Nemo is indeed happening. But here's the kick. It's not exactly Finding Nemo 2, but rather...

Finding Dory!

The sequel is slated to open on November 25th, 2015. Now, there's a chance that this could potentially move to 2016. Pixar has said numerous times that they would be adapting to a two-film-a-year plan, but they never became a reality. Will this be the first time that they release two films in one calendar year? Maybe, but I don't really see them moving this just yet. We'll have to wait and see when more announcements start rolling out.

So, what is the plot synopsis you might ask? Well, set a year after its predecessor, Finding Dory takes place off the coast of California where the blue tang reunites with her parents, and features such returning characters such as Marlin and Nemo, while introducing others. Director Andrew Stanton explained that "One thing we could not stop thinking about was why she was alone in the ocean when she met Marlin. In Finding Dory, she will be reunited with her loved ones, learning a few new things about family along the way".

Come to think of it, I generally feel warm to the idea of the sequel. We didn't know much about Dory and her origins or anything about her life before she met Marlin. This idea could potentially be good since it doesn't harm the original's story in any way. Remember the two Toy Story sequels? Those did the impossible and equaled the high level quality of the original, while also fleshing characters that we all came to know and love. I believe that this film will do the very same. I'm not trying to say that Dory needed her backstory explained in Finding Nemo, but it's rather a fantastic and very heartfelt idea for a Pixar sequel. They aren't rehashing the plot of the original, but rather someone finding out who they really are.

You have to give Pixar credit where it's due. All of their sequels aren't a complete rehash of their predecessors. Both Toy Story sequels and Cars 2 expanded upon the characters while introducing them to all new worlds and locations. At least Finding Dory isn't a complete retrend of the original, as I know the Brain Trust would not go that route for the sequel.

There are films whose endings can stand alone without a "need" upon any further story. I believe that this is the case for every Pixar film with a sequel to date. Toy Story, Cars, or Monsters Inc. could all stand alone perfectly well. Those films didn't "need" a sequel, but most importantly, they aren't necessarily hurt by one, either. Pixar can continue to stop or continue with those respective franchises if they choose.

So, in all honestly, do I think Finding Nemo fits in that category? Yes. That film ended so perfectly, but it didn't necessarily close up the universe. The lives of those characters continue forward and we can witness them without staining the original.

Any further news regarding Finding Dory will probably have people feeling overwhelmed, and that would be coming from those who think "Pixar is dying", but it seems like general audiences are going to like the idea of a Finding Nemo sequel happening. Ellen DeGeneres is beyond excited for it, and I see some enthusiasm coming from the folks at Pixar. Lee Unkrich on his Twitter page excitedly announced the project, too!

So, here's hoping that Finding Dory turns out to be a great sequel. We can feel a little bit skeptical, since the original is so good. The sequel does have a lot of expectations to live up to. Those Toy Story sequels did it, and Monsters University could very well be a good sequel that lives up to the original! I feel very skeptical about the sequel like a lot of other folks do. You never know how it could turn out. Finding Dory could very well be one of those rare sequels that actually lives up the original. And I think if you're worrying about the sequel, I say relax until more has been announced.

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  1. To be fair, we don't know anything about Dory's past. All we knew was her short term memory and her quirkiness, and eventually bonding with Marlin. Finding Dory will fix that. I'm waiting for footage to start judging